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Foundation Requirements

Requirements TASK for Eligibility

  1. Must Have Three Letters Of Recommendation

  2. Fill Out Application (Online or Thru Email)

  3. Complete An Essay

  4. In Person or Telephone Interview

  5. Complete a Career Assessment

  6. Create a Road map

  7. Create an Assistant Plan

  8. Must be enrolled in a Post-secondary program, college, trade, apprenticeship etc.

  9. Must have all paperwork requested in with-in two weeks of interview or you will be moved to inactive status.

  10. Must communicate in a TIMELY matter with staff, support team and providers as requested or you will be moved to inactive status.

  11. Bi-Weekly Check-In with a student

  12. Bi-Weekly Check-In with a provider

  13. Complete a Semester

  14. Finish Assessment Paperwork at End of Each Semester & Review Completion and Goal

  15. Graduate

  16.  Become a Mentor

Documents Required


  1. Legal Identification

  2. (drivers license/state ID, Passport, Green Card)

  3. Birth Certificate

  4. Social Security Card

  5. High School Diploma and or Transcript

  6. Proof of income (W-2 form, Employment Verification, Pay Stubs, Proof of public Assistance (ex. SNAP, Food Stamps, Statement of Support, etc.)

About Our Foundation

“YOU can do this. If it was easy everyone would have this. Push forward to your Future”

Life-Cycle Stages

A. The Pilot Group is free for your first two semesters.


B.  In the second group and beyond you will begin the Payment           Phase which will be implemented.

      • There will be a review process after each semester to asses completion and goal.


C. This process will continue when you finish your Degree Goal
     and become a mentors to incoming students.