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* We are a 501(c) 3 tax-deductible entity

** ALL Donations are Tax Deductable


TSSP envisions a future where single parents will be provided housing that affords onsite daycare and a host of other on-site services. Their early choices can be taken as stepping stones to their future while building their self-esteem, confidence, and character through educational experience.


* We've expanded to assist dad's who age range is 18 & up. 


Our values

  • Economic security- To secure funding to sustain and grow the organization.

  • Community- To develop more community relationships and to participate in community events.

  • Achievement - To complete a task in excellence and promptly.

The STEPPING STONE PATHWAYS needs your financial support!


100% of your Donation goes to support those in our program who have a vision of Higher Education and Helping Others.

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