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@ no charge to you!

  • We will set up the machine and custom order the products that best serves the busieness, staff and or customers.

  • We will perform all maintenance services.

  • Restock products.

  • Clean the machine inside and out.

  • When our contract is over for our machine in your space we will remove it.



• 9 Drink Selections and 20 Snack Selections.

Accept $1, $5 bills. No more searching for change or petty cash runs.

• Accounting Mode to Monitor Cash & Vending Sales Data
• Credit/Debit Card Optional & DEX Capable
• Convenient Point of Sale Window for Promotions and Information
• Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant
• Made in the USA
• Beverage Selection
Get 4 canned and 5 bottled beverage selections.
The patented High Capacity Can Tray (HCCT) delivers up to
80 cans and is simplicity itself to load.
• Easy loading bottle/can trays accommodate a wide variety of
16.9oz, 20oz, and 24oz plastic bottles.
• But the versatility doesn’t stop there. Need extra can selections?
The bottle trays easily vend cans with no modifications.
Customers crave the big energy drinks? No problem.
This combo vends even the largest 23.5oz cans.


Selectivend Advantage Plus ADA Compliant Combo Vending Machine, 29 Selections.

Electrical Requirements

  • Requires one 110 VAC grounded outlet (indoor installation only)

  • Uses 3 kWh/ day

  • 9'L power cord

  • MDB compatible


TT14 Table Top Snack Merchandiser 25” x 33.5”W x 27”D, *Ship Weight 153 lbs 14 selections, 150 item capacity

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