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Post-Educational Instititues

Our target market of post-educational institutes are defined as: private, public, non-profit, trade post-secondary educational institutes that want to increase their enrollment and graduation rate which will also increase school funding opportunities.



Referral services


  • Follow up

  • Wrap around services

  • Monthly life coach

  • Mentor

  • Online TSSP classes

  • Work readiness

  • Student pays 10% of monthly net income.

  •  Monthly fee per student (will be determined by institute)



  • Only

  • Weekly

  • Tutoring

  • Academic success /coach

  • Emotional coach

  • Executive coach

  • Student pays 10% of monthly net income.

  • Monthly fee per student (will be determined by institute)

  • Include Packages 1, 2 and 3.

  • Monthly fee per student (will be determined by institute)


The current problem in the post-educational institutes

With the pandemic, recession, decreasing enrollment & graduation rates financial aid and staffing are also at an all time low.


How we can help

Once we are able to partner with the Director of Retention & Advisement or a comparable department with in your educational institute we can offer the students our services. This will increase the graduation and enrollment rate.

We offer virtual 20 minute lunch and learns for post-educational institutes that would like to learn more by contacting us at 412.856.8210.


How we can ensure success

We will have ongoing communication and reporting with the learning institute via surveys and direct communication with a supervisor.


Quick facts

1. Student support services help students transition into careers.

2. Single black moms struggle to complete college for lack of student support services.

3.Single parent students have the highest GPA's because they have more responsibility depending on their education.

"Student Parents Earn Better Grades than Other Student Groups Student parents are often motivated to pursue college by a desire to improve their children’s lives.While a range of obstacles can impede their ability to graduate on time, student parents achieve higher grade point averages (GPA) than other students. One-third of student parents have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, compared with 31 percent of independent nonparents and 26 percent of dependent students. PARENTS IN COLLEGE • •"

4. The Trades are extending more financial support for women.

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Let's Work Together

Become a part of the change that take wanting & needing a degree to reality and working in the field of study.

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