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Continued Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must Have Three Letters Of Recommendation

  2. Fill Out Application (Online or Thru Email)

  3. Complete An Essay

  4. In Person or Telephone Interview

  5. Complete a Career Assessment

  6. Create a Road map

  7. Create an Assistant Plan

  8. Must be enrolled in a Post-secondary program, college, trade, apprenticeship etc.

  9. Must have all paperwork requested in with-in two weeks of interview or you will be moved to inactive status.

  10. Must communicate in a TIMELY matter with staff, support team and providers as requested or you will be moved to inactive status.

  11. Monthly Check-In with a student

  12. Monthly Check-In with a provider

  13. Complete a Semester

  14. Finish Assessment Paperwork at End of Each Semester & Review Completion and Goal

  15. Graduate

  16.  Become a Mentor

Life-Cycle Stages

Phase 1

A. Qualify & pay your payment at the 1st of every month

B. Attend ALL support team appointments

Phase 2

A. Maintain a 2.5 GPA & 90% class attendance

B. Complete ALL of the organizations class assignments on time! 

      • There will be a review process after each semester to asses completion and goal.

Phase 3

A. This process will end when you finish your Degree Goal

B. Become a mentors to incoming students.


Referral services



  • Follow up

  • Wrap around services

  • Monthly life coach

  • Mentor

  • Online TSSP classes

  • Work readiness

  • Student pays 10% of monthly net income.

  • $300.00 monthly


  • Only

  • Weekly

  • Tutoring

  • Academic success /coach

  • Emotional coach

  • Executive coach

  • Student pays 10% of monthly net income.

  • $600.00 monthly


  • Include Packages 1, 2 and 3.

  • $800.00 monthly

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